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Managing your mowing is a key part of maintaining a healthy, lush green lawn. The rule of thumb is to only cut one-third of the leaf per mow – no more. Many Australians tend to mow too low which can cause problems such as scalping which stresses your lawn. The lawn variety, your conditions and the season determines how high or low you mow. It is important to remember to lift your mower heights in winter.

Remember Mower Maintenance Tips to maintaining your mower

  • Maintain sharp blades.
  • Clean your mower after use.
  • Maintain regular servicing.
  • Makes sure your air filter does not become blocked with grass.
  • Ensure your fuel is FRESH.


The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning before it gets hot. Most of the water will be absorbed into the roots, and the grass blades will dry quickly, preventing disease problems. The rule to remember is infrequent and deep watering in the early morning for 10 to 15 minutes is preferable for your lawn because the roots will only grow as deep as the most frequently available water supply. How do you know when to water your established lawn? It’s easy, water your grass when you see these three signs:
  • Curled up leaf blades in the evening (wilting blades during the highest heat of midday sun is not a good indicator – always check the condition of the leaves in the evening).
  • Blue-grey colour instead of green.
  • Footprints or lawn mower tire tracks remain visible long after being made.


  • Key time – Ideally, we recommend fertilising your lawn three times a year – spring, summer and autumn, but if you only do it once a year, then make it spring.
  • After laying new turf – Before laying new turf use Lawn Pride Under Turf Starter Fertiliser which fuels growth and clings onto moisture. It lasts for about three months and then you can fertilise again.
  • Key environmental events such as droughts – Forcing your lawn to grow with fertiliser during drought and heat doesn’t work well for your lawn’s health. Your lawn looks its best when it is healthy and not forced to grow when it is struggling to stay green. Instead, we recommend you use a Lawn Conditioner – which aids moisture and nutrient retention and lets your lawn put its energy into water absorption, root growth and maintaining its health.
  • How often to re-apply – Re-applying fertiliser to your lawn depends on the type of fertiliser you have used – whether it be slow-release granular which works to feed your lawn over three months or liquid fertiliser which is a fast acting feed and therefore needs more applications, up to four times a year.

Pest and disease

When disease or pests attacks your lawn, controlling them can be a daunting task unless you know how to correctly identify them and understand the causes and prevention behind them. Fortunately, our lawn care guides are here to help you identify the pest or disease affecting your lawn and the appropriate product to use to combat these issues.  A heathy lawn is one that is less susceptible to these pests and diseases so following one of our specialised lawn care programsyou can help prevent most lawn diseases/pests.